Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Part 3:The batch of stuff that is 3 (?) weeks old

Because I've been so busy I'm a little delayed in posting up reviews, bear with me I'll get through them all slowly. Please excuse any typos or grammatical irregularities, I'm bloody bushed.

Action Comics annual #12

All backstory for Nightwing and Flamebird. Theirs is a love that stretches across time and space. It must be all the weddings I’m going to but I’m a sucker for this stuff. There is mention of Kryptonian religion and some pretty nice art of the mythical Flamebird. We get to see Ursa’s role in Thara’s folks’ death and the early years of Chris Kent.
I liked it.

Power Girl #2
OK I get it, they’re writing about bodies and how we view them (within the story) and therefore creating a discussion about how we (the readers) view Peej's body. How topical.
Or am I reading too much into because I'm feeling gnarly, cos the comic was ok and the art was lovely?
I preferred Liberty Belle as Jesse Quick. Just can't get enough of those Flashes. Amanda Connor draws a lovely Liberty Belle, she looks mature and adult.
I enjoyed Monkey Man's origin story. I rather like Satanna.

Green Arrow/Black Canary 21
Dear God these covers are awful. The detailing in the hair and skin is quite nice but then they go and ruin it with drawing the clothes on with what looks like a marker pen. Yeuch.

I have decided I like the art inside. Dinah looks great - she has personality in her face and looks adult, in her late 30s. For a story where everyone goes deaf, it wasn't all I'd hoped for. The depiction of widespread panic was interesting (anyone read Jose Saramago's book Blindness? I wholeheartedly recommend it)m but I'd have liked to see more actual Deafness in it if you see what I mean. I understand that America is pretty advanced when it comes to being Deaf aware, so I would have thought that maybe Ollie would have known some sign, he strikes me as that sort of guy.

Politics aside, I'm getting to like Cupid. She's so exuberant. The Ollie/Cupid scenes were pretty funny. Dinah gets to initiate the activities that will save the day, which is a nice turn up for this book. We get to see more of her back history and so the book does live up to it's name for once - being a joint story about GA an BC. So it looks like Dinah has been blown up at the end, I say yeah right, she'll get herself out of this fix, no probs. I just don't know how yet.

I'd also like to know why Wildcat is talking the young Di, I'd best tune in for the next issue.

Superman/Batman 61
The art is *so* damn pretty in this. I was surprised to see Zatanna crushing on Bruce, is this a widely known fact? Now it seems that the villain has an inkling of Supes' and Bats' real identities. Ooo err missus.

Batman 687
Bought on the basis of another blogger's reviews. It was OK. Alfred's scenes were quite touching, Dick's hair is very pretty and moody, Clark and Diana are rather dumb, Damian is brattish and Dick will have his hands full with that young fella. A good (and cheaper) summary of the Battle for the Cowl. Apart from why Tim can't be Robin.

Supergirl 42
Kara tells Lois that she killed her sister, Kara shows that she's still an immature teenager with little empathy for others. But that's fine, she is only 17 after all and it makes sense for her to still have rage in her, considering the early parts of this book. Poor Lois.
I liked Kara's outfit - bang on current teenager trend. Kara asks for Lana to call her Linda, which is good and talks about her cat, which is even better.

Not the best issue but I rather enjoyed it.


James Ashelford said...

I don't know how old the Zatanna/Bruce thing is, earliest I've read is a few issues in Dini's run on Detective. It was in the Dini/Timm cartoon so it might be another of those things they've chosen to sticky-tape in like Mr Freeze's wife and Harley's existence.

Will Emmons said...

The Zatanna/Bruce thing is only as old as Dini's work on the Animated series. He has a schoolboy crush on her and has paid it forward to Brucey, which I think is cute and acceptable.

I can't bring myself to read Batman, because I cannot abide by Judd Winick and I know that it'll be less good than the other three batbooks I'm reading.

Saranga said...

@ Will: That Batman issue is the only Batman book I've bought and I am very unlikely to read any others.

Can I ask what you don't like about Judd Winick? I know he's really unpopular but I've not been able to figure out why. Anyway, I like his stuff.