Friday, July 10, 2009

And another thing..

Novelisations of movies

In particular the Hellboy book.


Someone wrote a book of a film of a book?



James Ashelford said...

May be an urban film legend but...

according to one of the New Line Cinema's producers (can't find the original article, this was years ago) several dozen puublishing houses pitched for the rights to novelise the Lords Of The Rings films.

Saranga said...

Hmm. There is that thing about how Terry Pratchett took the Discworld book Mort to US filmmakers where they all agreed they loved it but asked if they could please lose the death angle..

wiec? said...

sometimes novelazations of movies are cool but mostly they can be pretty lame. when i was younger i used to have a bunch of them. the one for Alien was pretty cool but the one for the Last Boy Scout was awful.

that LOTR thing is hilarious.