Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Norwich North by-election

I'm being bombarded with bloody election literature. Ian Gibson was forced out because of the expenses scandal so now the 4 parties are fighting tooth and nail for the seat. I've never had so much crap shoved through my door.

Even with all this literature I don't know what the candidates actually stand for. They're all saying they won't be corrupt and won't claim anything over what is necessary, but that's not really a reason to vote for any of them. I've just emailed the Labour candidate asking him what he stands for and about to do the same for the Green party, smug Tory lady and the Lib Dems.

Their websites are all useless, there is no real info there. OK, so i'm never in a milion years going to vote Tory, but I think it would be good for her to tell her constituents what she stands for. She's done fuck all anyway. Left university and spent 5 years working for the Tory party. I prefer my MPs to have real life experience. And be over 26.

Actually, the Lib Dem lady is sending me real information through. So is the Green party. So they don't need an email.

The BBC website lists the candidates. Methinks Anne Fryatt didn't think her party name through properly. I'm ignoring UKIP and am horrified by the BNP putting a candidate forward. But not surprised. this county is so fucking insular - the 4 main candidates are making such a big deal about being local, having local connections, it's bullshit. Norfolk's bloody terrified of anyone outside the A14. There's no fucking motorways in this county.

EDIT: Speak of the Devil. The Greens just came round to canvass and brought copies of their manifesto. Great.

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