Saturday, July 04, 2009

Part 2 Or, the second hand stuff I bought off ebay (mostly)

Final Crisis: legion of 3 worlds #1
Well, reading this suddenly made #s 2 and 3 make more sense. It probably helps that I was reading a lot of Superboy Prime’s other appearances at the time. Either way, a good start to the mini and it even made me like the Legion a bit more.

Impulse #30 and 31
Oh humour how I have missed you. I had hoped one of these comics would be the silent issue I was asking about the other week, but as it turned out that is actually a Young Justice one I didn’t really have much luck.
Still, really good comics, as you’d expect. In number 30 everyone loses their faith in something, leading to lots of folks hugging the ground as they’ve lost their faith in gravity and fear being sucked into space. Haw.
#31 features lots of Max Mercury (hurrah!), as he’s been captured by Morlo and the dude Max stole his wife from. Bart is meanwhile running around like a mad thing trying to work out where Max is. It’s good and I approve and think everyone should seek out copies of Impulse. After I’ve got mine so that you don’t price me out of buying the issues.

Doom Patrol: Magic Bus trade paperback
Written by Grant Morrison this is surreal and anarchic, of course. I enjoyed all of it apart from the Fantastic 4 spoof which was shit and reminded me why I don’t read Marvel. I hate dialogue written in accents.


Will Emmons said...

Legion of Three Worlds #1! I remember when that came out. I was so young and hopeful and believed that I would be able to read the rest of that simply awesome series in a reasonable time frame and now I sit here broken, a full year later, still two weeks out from the final installment. Thanks for posting this, you've reminded me to reread the precious first four issues before picking up #5.

Oh P.S., by way of introduction, I stalked you here from Diamondrock's blog. I intend to start reading your blog since I try to stay up on feminist and antiracist fan commentary and I think we have a fair amount of the same tastes. I don't really know anything about manga though.



Saranga said...

Thansk for stopping by!
It was somewhat easier for me to read Legion of 3 worlds as I only started at number 3 when Bart came back. But I have been wondering when number 5 will come out, if ever.
ho hum.

I don't know much manga either, i've probably only read about 20 series. I mostly just steal the boyfriend's stuff that looks interesting.

Will Emmons said...

Oh, that sounds much less frustrating. The end of 3 and 4 were both so gratifying. Much more so than the return of Barry Allen.