Saturday, November 29, 2008

So, it turns out that..

eating lots of chocolate and biscuits gives me ulcers. Wonderful. Something else to add to the list of stuff that irritates my mouth. Now to see if I can get away with my mouth healing itself before all the sore bits turn into fully fledged ulcers and I am left unable to speak.
On the plus side, I guess my teeth will thank me.

Horrific news from America, where a store employee is trampled to death by customers being over eager to buy things. How did no one notice they were stomping on someone? Or did they not care? I can't believe they didn't care.

In better news about life and death situations, the Guardian has published an article about 999 calls received, along with the transcripts (at the bottom of the page). God, coping in that sort of situation..


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Yeah, I've heard about those news as well, about the got that got trampled on during a shopping spree.

It's surreal and not in a good way.

Dean Wormer said...

The family of that worker is suing Wal Mart. Unfotunately I don't believe they can win enough to make the financial impact important enough for Wal Mart to change their practices (more security, etc.)

Saranga said...

You'd think people would be human enough to get good security etc in.
Mind you, you'd expect people to be human enough not to crush someone to death.