Monday, December 01, 2008

Robin is mean and shock horror, letter writers are wrong

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Batman has sure taught him how to fight dirty. The scene takes place in a park, a production of Macbeth has been put on and Tim and his school mates are attending to gain extra credits, (does that really happen? You get points just for attending a show?), and Tim spots a crime in progress. So he changes to his Robin getup and starts giving the criminals a beat down. One gets away.

That’s a portaloo, the grossest things ever. Ever been to a music festival? I’m not entirely sure the criminal deserved that.

On another note, the first letter from a Nicole resulted in a facepalm for me (click on the picture and it should enlarge):

Can you guess what part I’m talking about?

The subplot Nicole is referring to is Ariana bleaching her hair and changing her clothes to look hotter, (presumably because she thinks Tim will like her more this way). Anyway, she gets in a car with Jake the jerkwad who then attempts to assault her – apparently he can read the signals(!). She clocks him with 4 cans of beer (or possibly lager as this is America and I don’t think you have real ale there ;) ) and legs it.

Nicole thinks Ariana’a reaction was over the top and thinks that this incident gave Ari the opportunity to think long and hard about what she wanted to do with her life.

At least the editor of the letter column has got a clue.

In other Robin thoughts, the poor kid really carries a massive guilt complex over his ability doesn't he? Poor sod. Bruce is a crap surrogate father.

I am enjoying Alfred, a very likeable sardonic (?) chap. I haven't seen much of him before, he didn't feature heavily in Nightwing or Batgirl and I've only read very odd (as in not read very often, not as in weird) issues of Batman. On a gender related front, I'm choosing to believe that this panel shows that Alfred thinks Batgirl is an unfair and inappropriate name for a woman, especially when the male sidekicks don't get called Batboy:

Go Alfred! Can anyone tell me the difference between a valet and a butler? Alfred has recently stated (around about issue 60 or thereabouts) that he is most definitely a valet, not a butler.

Oh mygod, I so want this little toy:

TURBO POWERED SKATEBOARD! That Tim made from scratch. It is official, everyone needs a Tim. or failing that, lots of money, time brains, resources and equipment with which to build similar things.

Last image, thrown in for fun:

It made me laugh.

And lastly, Stephanie Brown AKA the Spoiler is wonderful! She rocks! So extra double sized yay for her being brought back earlier this year.

Due to an imminent possibly traumatic Dr's appt to be attended this afternoon, I bought Shadowpact trade and two JSA ones. The Shadowpact one - Cursed, is very very good.


Sea_of_Green said...

Hope your appointment went well!

Good music choice -- "Under the Pink" is my favorite Tori Amos album. :-)

Saranga said...

Yes it was fine and a lot less distressing than anticipated. Thanks for the concern :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, looking glad you like Steph. If you're interested I have a crazy obsessive website devoted to her...

It's pretty thorough. Cuz I'm a nerd.

And I love your posts, glad WFA linked the blog so I could discover it.

Saranga said...

Thanks for stopping by Nevermore and for the compliment!
I'll have a look at your wiki :-)

Saranga said...

Thanks for stopping by Nevermore and for the compliment!
I'll have a look at your wiki :-)