Sunday, November 02, 2008

Magazines and messages

Diva magazine is a UK magazine for lesbians and allegedly bisexuals. When you search for it in google the tagline reads 'Diva Magazine - Lesbian Bisexual Lifestyle'.

Now I really like Diva, it's my link to the gay community and is a really refreshing feminist friendly magazine that deals with a lot of issues and never ever criticizes women for being too fat or not trendy enough, like the straight media does EVERY SINGLE ISSUE. For the November issue that did a naked cover shoot of 60 of their women readers. When they put an ad out for it I thought that looks interesting, I could do that.

Well I'm quite glad I didn't now, the editorial comment on the cover said it was 60 naked lesbians. Despite the fact that one of the women who took part described herself as bisexual.
So, obviously as a bisexual I wouldn't have fitted in. I am not included and I am not welcome among their readership.

This wouldn't be so much of a problem if there were other magazines catering for bisexuals, but there is NOTHING. So Diva really could and should make more of an effort. The odd token article or 'bisexuals are welcome' piece doesn't really cut it when the rest of the magazines ignores us.
Yet what can I do? As I've found it rather difficult to find UK based bisexual blogs and news feeds, it's the only link I've got to UK non straight culture.

On a happier note, I bought Company magazine the other month and was pleased to find a straight feminist magazine. No articles promoting changing or loathing your body. No diet plans. Nothing on how to improve yourself to get a man. Instead there are articles on:
Contraceptive options and how the UK health service is failing women
Cyber bullying
Enterprising women
Celebrities views on 'should you dress for your man' (Peter Andre says no, Katie price says yes), Eating disorders
How a widowed woman is moving on with her life
Interviews with 7 female cabinet members on their partying years
Date rape danger
And the usual articles on the hot new fashions - but without the criticism.

I was stunned and very impressed. My only criticism is that there weren't enough pictures of clothes. I'd like Company's editorial policy with Glamour's pages and pages of clothes.

Also, it is apparently national blog month. I shall therefore attempt to post at least daily, or if I miss a day, to post extra stuff the next day.


Anonymous said...

I read Diva for many of the same reasons you listed but I continually struggle to find anything in it that really relates to me as a bisexual woman.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Interesting magazine sites, Saranga. Too bad they don't have RSS since that's the way I do my regular tours through the blogs and sites I like.

And I do believe you're so right with bisexuals being overlooked. Placed somewhere in between, they get very little attention by the media, when they should be addressed properly. I think it will evolve in time.

Saranga said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for stopping by.
Chris: The sites don't have many articles on them themselves, however all good newsagents do stock them! (If you can bring yourself to buy a women's magazine! ;) )

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

I'm okay with woman stuff. You can find some fun and interesting articles in some magazines. Like this "Angel o Demonio" blog that has lots of consumist chick stuff, the woman that writes it is kind of a "fashionist" with a pop turn that I really like.

Saranga said...

I was teasing you!

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...



fourth wave said...

I just wanted to let you know that your post is now up at the 68th Carnival of Feminists!

Anonymous said...

bisexuals just moan about everything

Saranga said...

Well thanks for that deep insight anonymous, I'd never have noticed otherwise.

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Anonymous is so well versed in every subject. I see him/her pop all over the blogosphere with smart remarks :D