Sunday, November 02, 2008

This whole Brand/Ross thing going on at the moment. Peter Tatchell's response to it:

"It is not as if Baille is some innocent convent girl. She admits she slept with Brand and she works as a "burlesque dancer" in a group called Satanic Sluts. Yet she claims Brand's jokes have damaged her public image and hurt her feelings. Oh please!"

Oh please, yourself. So because she had sex she's fair game? Fuck off Tatchell. Racism and homophobia is bad but sexism is ok, is that it?

Also check out The F Word's more sensible take on this.


Admiral Drax said...

Re. F-Word's comment on this - I once had a Year 6 girl (that's roughly ten years old) turn up for a summer school wearing a tee-shirt with the legend "Sex instructor: first session free".

Now I can't even begin to go into the wrong, wrong things that went wrong in order for this to happen...but I certainly never thought of pinning it on feminism!

Well said, F-word.

Saranga said...

You're still reading this?!
The how how does anyone think that's ok for a 10 yr old to wear..