Thursday, November 06, 2008

Back to the frivolous and most definitely not earnest..

Sort of half spoilers but probably more rambling thoughts for:
Infinite Crisis, Teen Titans 64, DCU Halloween Special, Superman/Batman vs Vampires and Werewolves, New Krypton Superman 681, Superman/Batman 53, DCU 4.

Infinite Crisis is really fucking cool! Now I understand lots of the plot lines from the last 3 years! Superboy Prime is a massive whiny jerk isn’t he? Kon dying, ahh, so sad, poor Cassie. Bart coming back…tugging on my heartstrings (bring him back DC!).

Superman/Batman vs Vampires and Werewolves 2
Not as bad it should be. Reads like a B movie - the subtitle is ‘and a tentacled creature FROM BEYOND!’ which kind of makes me love it. And I like the narration boxes – all sepia like. The last panel wins for being very very cool. Superman sweeps down from the sky to flatten, with his feet, the tentacled monster FROM BEYOND!
Next month, an unspeakable HORROR From Beyond!
I was obviously in a grump reading the first issue of this.

DCU Decisions 4
I thought we were going to see if Supes stood for? False advertising! Nice stirring speech from Supes though, even if I don’t’ quite understand what his beef is. Good conversation between Clark and Lois at the end. Chuckle making indeed.

Teen Titans 64
I like Bombshell. More of her please. And make her a good guy, I never quite bought that bad guy shit, so I’m pleased with the background they are giving us. And Cass’ storyline is definitely going well. Never make a pact with a god of war folks, it will turn round and bite you in the ass.

DCU Halloween special 2008
Vixen’s story was great J The other stand out one was Batman and the kids in the sewer.

Superman/Batman 53
My god, Bruce is a moody git isn’t he? I’m loving how Lois takes finding herself nearly buried alive as just a matter of course! I think I’m going to enjoy this arc.

Superman 681
Poor Ma Kent. L It’s nice to see Krypto being caring though. Doesn’t Renato Guedes draw and awesome Diana?! And of course, Kara was good. The inclusion of Doomsday knocked my socks off. I think he’s gonna go on a rampage and kill lots of the current Kryptonians. I bet at some point in the future, if not in 6 issues, then in 6 years, we’ll find out this enlarged Kandor thing was all a hoax. At the moment it’s exciting and I appreciate it.

Next I’ll be reading Aquaman, volume 2 through 4, partly written by Peter David. Good times ahead.

In bad news, check out this review of the Superman/Supergirl story arc :( How disappointing. I shall buy it anyway. And Birds of Prey has been cancelled. That sucks.


Ami Angelwings said...

is it bad that I immediately think that Teen Titans 64 would be the title of a N64 video game? xD

ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Didn't read the entire set cause I haven't read them all and I can't remember stuff by the numbers, lol, but still, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Infinite Crisis was huge. I loved it.

Probably that's why I've felt the current Final Crisis is so dull.