Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pregnancy after stillbirth: 26 weeks 3 days

It's been a while since I wrote one of these. Feels like it anyway. I must have other interests. Imagine!

Over the last week I have noticed back pain I didn't have with C. With C,I had bad knees so couldn't bend my ones, and therefore couldn't squat. Instead I bent at the waist to reach anything low down. Until the last few weeks when I couldn't even do that.
Now, my lower back aches and pulls considerably when I bend at the waist, but I do seem to be able to squat OK. Most of the time.
My legs and ankles are getting very swollen. It's really uncomfortable. I have to wear flight socks on the train and put my feet up in the evenings. I usually have to go to bed at 9 so my feet can be adequately propped up. They are just getting worse. My legs are really tight, I mean the muscles. I think this is because ligaments are loosening up in preparation for birth so muscles have to work harder.  I've prolly talked about this before.  it;s an ongoing gripe of mine,
I survived a dentist appointment involving a filling and cleaning last week. I was quite proud.
Last week saw two birth announcements, me meeting a 6 month old and a pregnancy announcement. Lots of babies. I'm genuinely happy for my friend who had her baby at about 41 weeks, but Jesus, so sad at the same time.
I got one drop of colustrum coming out of my nipple. Just the one.  Much earlier than last time.  i wonder if this means i will get leaky boobs this time.

Then today has been horrendous. But that's a story for a different time as I'm still feeling fragile. On the way to a Pilates 1:1 which should help centre me, I hope.

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