Monday, April 13, 2015

Entertainment to do list

Not in order of importance:
Finish reading the Spectre comics I bought on comixology Done! 20.04.2015
Read the Joshua Filakov books I bought
Buy and read the rest of the spectre books - I've decided I don't care about these so i'm not doing it.
Read the comics I bought at LSCC Done!  I think around the 14.05.2015.
Read this week’s comic batch - Done! 15.04.2015
Review this week’s comic batch Done! 23.04.2014
Finish reading Tanya Huff’s second Gale family book - Done by the time this post published!
Read the third Huff Gale book - Done! 17.04.2015
Re-read Danger Club issues 1-8, once I have the second version of issue 8
Review Danger Club for New readers
Review the Fishnets Brigade Canary/Zatanna book for New readers
Review Filakov’s the Bunker for New readers (assuming I still like it)
Finish watching season 10 of Smallville Done! 17/05/2015
Read Season 11 of Smallville
Watch Arrow season 1
Work out how to get Arrow season 2, Flash and Gotham episodes
Watch the third and fourth season of Girls
Watch Daredevil
Watch Cap’n A films 1 and 2 Done! (#2) 13.05.2015
Prioritise Comixology wishlist
Buy and watch the rest of the marvel dvds I don’t have.
Finish reading 'Fearsome Journeys - the new Solaris book of fantasy' Done! 18.04.2015

That's not even counting the crafty stuff I want to do.

How can I turn having fun into a chore??


Eyz said...

(I don't wanna add anymore stuff to do on your quite full planning list, but) I'll suggest you add in there Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds and Scott McCloud's The Sculptor! :)

Best recent graphic novels I've read in a long while - well worth a look^^

(Daredevil is fantastic, btw!)

James Ashelford said...

Daredevil is brilliant.

And if it helps, Arrow season 2 is out on DVD.