Saturday, April 04, 2015

A food tour of Brugges, Brussels and Dordrecht

The best part of going away anywhere is the food.

In Brugges:

In Brussels:

In Dordrecht:

Foody souvenirs from Brugges:

Favourite places to eat were the Carpe Diem tearoom (red bush tea served with orange slices, coffee, waffle and pancake with mixed fruit), the Li O Lait cafe (chai latte, cappuccino with squirty cream on top, bagels and tapas) and the Moka cafe in the Galleria near Brussels Grand Place (hot chocolate, sparkling water and apple pancake).  If you go to Belgium you must buy Speculoos biscuits and chocolate sprinkles (for putting on your toast for breakfast).

I should also give an honourable mention to something non foody, but comic related.  The De Striep comic shop on Katelijnestraat.  It sells American stuff (English and translated) and a massive, massive range of Bande Dessinee comics.  It made my superhero taste feel really immature and inadequate.  It's just a lovely, lovely space to be in and the range of stuff they have is breathtaking.  It's so different to a UK comic shop.  This is their bag:

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