Thursday, September 05, 2013

Couch to 10k: Week 9, session 2

46 min. Run 5 minutes. Walk 1 minute. Do this 6 times.

This was much easier than Monday's run.  It was merely incredibly tiring as opposed to murderous.  As I started my legs felt like lead - ideally I'd have gone out on Thursday not Wednesday but I don't want to mess up my schedule.  I'm quite looking forward to the final session for this week, which is run 10 minutes/walk 1.  I don't know if I'll do it on Friday or Saturday yet.

I realise I have been rather slack with reporting on wildlife.  I think this a combination of me being unable to think while I'm running and also there not being much about.  When I went out yesterday there were a few dragonflies, bees and moths but not much else.  It's not as warm at 6.30 as it was and by the time I come home at 7.30 ish the sun is setting.  Soon I'll have to start running in the gym.

Total tally of money raised is an amazing £190!!!!  That's £30 from me, £128 in donations from lovely, lovely, generous people and £32 in gift aid.  That's really nearly nearly my target of £200.  I never ever thought Id get this much.  Youre all amazing!  THANK YOU!!!


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