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Comic reviews - only 1 week old!

Reviews and spoilers for Wonder Woman 23, Supergirl 23. Animal Man 23, Justice League Dark 23, X-Men 3, Revival 13,Adventures of Superman 3.

Wonder Woman 23
Ooh heck.  This issue marked a turn of events.  Diana and her crew are fighting the First Born.  The First Born is destroying them.  Diana's (demi) godhood shows through as her eyes and her armour glow.  Ares steps up to the fray and Diana spots her opportunity.  She puts  a spear through Ares and the First Born, killing Ares and seriously wounding the First Born.  She does this to stop the First Born becoming the God of War.

So she becomes the God of War.

Ooh eck.

I've been thinking a lot about his.  She was trained by Ares but refused to fully adhere to his methods.  After Ares' death she comments that's there's been enough bloodshed, so she's clearly a reluctant God of War.  She's been a goddess before, in the pre 52 era, where she became Goddess of Truth but gave it up because she couldn't agree with how the Olympians did things.

Diana becoming War echoes her warrior background, but it doesn't mean she has to become a violent murderous General.  The Ares that was killed is an old man, stained with the blood of a thousand (and more) battles, who seemed to prefer a drink at the bar and a game of words rather than a epic battle.  I guess that Diana will not have people praying to her, and I guess she'll have to heed them.  I guess she'll also get War's attributes, which will mean improved warrior, leadership and fighting skills.  It's interesting to look at the cover again after having read the book , and understanding how the cover tells you what will happen inside the book.

Brian Azzarello talks about this issue here:

I have been enjoying this book, even more so since it's become more focused on Diana and less on her team.  She's not necessarily the Diana I admire and look up to (yet) but I can get behind this new 52 version and this plot development.  If folk won't new Wonder Woman stories that are more reminiscent of the pre 52 Diana, they should go read Smallville, where she's just been introduced and is fabulous.  Smallville is good for teens and kids too.

Animal Man 23
There's two stories running here, that merge into one at the end.  Buddy is investigating the slaughter and butchery of various animals, and Maxine is going into the red at night to find Cliff.  I  prefer Maxine's story.  BUT.  The slaughter of the animals is being masterminded by the new 52 version of Brother Blood, who wants Buddy's blood, and at the end of this issue he gets Buddy's blood, enters the red and decides to take over.

On the one hand I loathe Brother Blood, or at least I did in the pre 52.  His whole shtick with Raven and the never ending battles just bored me.  On the other hand, I recognise that this is an entirely new version and I shouldn't confuse him with the pre 52 shite.  On my secret third hand I still find him boring.

Eh.  This is a title I am considering dropping in it's physical form and catching up with on comixology.

Supergirl 23
Oh good god.  So I got this and it was the comic I was least anticipating.  The art looked dull. I loathe Cyborg Superman.  Inside it was better, up to a point. The point being the end, where Supegirl got disintegrated by Cyborg Superman and he used her particle to reconstitute his body.  It turns out he is Zor-El.

Eh.  OK, so at least they are telling a new story.  Unfortunately my knee jerk reaction is it is a crap story and I fear it will  turn into yet more angst for Kara, especially when I read about the Return of Krypton story (which just seems like a rehash of WONK from a few years back).  I will try to wait and see where this goes before I shoot my mouth off about it (anymore).  However, I think I may have to make this series digital only, because at the moment, with Asrar off the art, I have no affection for it at all.

Justice League Dark 23 - Trinity War, 5 of 6
I can't recall any details from this.  Except that I enjoyed it, a lot.  This mini crossover feels fresh (ish) and like the creators care about the story.  It doesn't feel too editorially mandated (although it obviously is, especially as we know this crossover will usher in the New 52's version of the Crime Syndincate) and the story actually feels exciting.  I care about what happens.  This whole crossover merits a re-read once issue 6 is out.

X-Men 3
This is ridiculously fun.  There are two stories going on, one is Jubilee hanging out with Wolverine and cataching up on life.  It has a slow, peaceful feel to it.  The other plot has the rest of the X-Men in the blackbird (can't believe I know the name of that plane now) performing a feat of derring-do, rescuing a passenger plane with a blown up engine.  This plot is dramatic and bolshy and full of life.

This series is so much fun.

Revival 13
I can't remember the details of this.  But I do know that I love it. 

Adventures of Superman 4
Ah this book!  It's a wonderful all ages, multi story, mature without being adult, innocent, well crafted set of stories.  This is what I want from a Superman comic.  Ace stuff.

As a bonus, have a picture of a Linda Danvers era Supergirl page:

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