Monday, September 02, 2013

Comic Reviews - more catching up

Reviews coming up for:
Aquaman 19 and 20, Justice League 20 and 21, Last Stand of New Krypton volume 1, Captain America: Man out of Time.

I won't hide these behind a cut because they are all pretty old.

Aquaman 19 and 20
Got round to downloading these from comixology.

19 was alright.  The new king is scary.  Orm talks about how the surface world doesn't even register Atlantis as existing and is overwhelmingly sneery about surface politics and customs.  Fair enough.

I don't like how Topo is now this giant brooding octopus monster.  Enough of making everyone a badass, please.  I like Tula's new 52 costume, but I wished she hadn't been aged.  I guess this is so she appeals to the 18-45 demographic.  Le sigh.  Mera gets ambushed by her husband - a bearded redhead.  Ooh err.  The art was pretty lovely though.

20 was rubbish.  Ya-wara needs to be given some clothes.  I care nothing for these Others.  I read Aquaman to read about underseas or other water based adventure. Bah.

Justice League 20 and 21
So the first 6 issues of this was great.  Then it got really shoddy.  Then it picked up again.  Trinity War is suprisingly enjoyable.  These issues are form just before Trinity War and I picked them up for the Shazam backup.

Goddamn I'm enjoying the new Marvel family.  I know they've now been changed so it's all dark and miserable and Billy started off as a bit of a brat, but if you read on he's not all brattish, and by the end of issue 21 you know the Marvels area  family again.  I really really love this.

Last Stand of New Krypton volume 1
This trade was an impulse purchase at the LCS last week.  I'd read all issues in it apart from the Legion ones, and damn I am now enjoying the Legion.  I really enjoyed this.  I'm intending to get the whole WONK saga in trade. 

Captain America: Man out of Time
This was recommended to me as I like the movie Cap'n A.  Its' great.  Really really great.  I think I'll be doing a New readers.... post on it.

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