Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Couch to 10k: Week 10, Session 1

72 min. Run 10 minutes/walk 1 minute. Run 20 minutes/walk 1 minute. Run 30 minutes.

This week hasn't been great for running..  I couldn't go out on Sunday because I had work to do.  Then Monday it rained.  Hard.  The temperature dropped.  It was cold.  I don't deal well with Winter.
Tuesday it rained.  I got in late. It was still raining.  I really wanted to go out but couldn't face the weather.
This evening I pulled myself together and went out.  I decided to wrap up in protection against the vile, vile cold and wore leggings under my shorts and a long sleeve top.  They worked, I wasn't cold and it was only mildly spitting so I didn't really get wet either.

It's been 5 days since I last went out.  I kinda assumed that I'd be much faster today as I should be much more rested.  It was all road running, no woodland, because I wouldn't feel too safe in the dark woodland (I hate feeling this way, especially as I know it's all down to stranger-danger-victim-blaming-crap). 

According to WalkJogRun I did 5.28 miles, which is about 0.88 every 10 minutes, which is, quite frankly, rubbish.  I expected to do 6 miles as when I went out last Monday, for session 1 of week 9 I did 5.5 miles in 55 minutes.  Then again, last Monday I couldn't speak or move when I got in.  Today I could talk fine and I feel refreshed and a bit energised.  How bizarre.

When I was out I could see my breath.  That's never happened before.  Part of my route took me up one of the steepest and biggest hills in Norwich.  I'm quite proud of myself for managing it.

I have tomorrow afternoon off and Friday I've got a weekend away.  I am considering catching up on my sessions and going out Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, but we shall see how my legs are tomorrow.

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