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Wonder Woman 19 - WTF cover

It is shown at Newsarama here.  Click the small cover picture to see the full gatefold.

Then go to the Newsarama facebook page and read all the comments about this.  I'll copy the relevant comments into the end of this thread.

People are saying that they think WW is cheating on Superman... why? Because of one kiss?  How do we know she didn't break up with Superman before hitting on Orion?  Assuming that is what is happening.  Then people are calling Diana a slut.. There are references to the Superman 19 cover, which is Supes punching Diana... because in an adult relationship the men must fight over the woman, like she's a piece of meat... Ugh.

It's too early in the morning for this much misogyny.

Then folk are commenting on the butt slap from one issue ago.  It infuriates me.   I wrote about this at the time.  You can't take that panel in isolation, it flows with the rest of the story.  Diana has bigger problems to deal with.

I just don't want the WW/Supes romance to spill over into Wondy's book in any way.  I just don't care for it.

There are some other interesting comments about continuity in the DCU.  I certainly feel that the WW book is very different from the rest, so I guess I can make it my own continuity?  Until Trinity Wars starts.. *sadface*

Relevant comments copied here:

Samuel Lee Smith I think that the Wonder Woman book isn't exactly in the same continuity as the rest of the New 52 at the moment.
Scott Gregson Aren't these characters supposed to be "people"? I'm pretty sure most "people" have had relationships that started out as a good idea then got kinda lame, where someone else has come along and taken your interest in a way that you would never have thought possible. Everyone calls out that comics need to be more "real" and not have a "status quo" but then writers who change things get labelled as jerks and people start calling Wonder Woman a SLUT! Two outsiders who have no human connections outside of a few people who fly around beating up bad guys find each other and realise they don't need to hide who they really are from each other. With both Supes and WW being as young and inexperienced as they seem to be played in the New52, I'm not really surprised by them hooking up. But then WW - who is a warrior princess, first and foremost - meets Orion - who is a warrior prince, really - and sparks fly on a much more primal level. Superman has never had a relationship before (outside MAYBE Lana Lang, idk) so he's going to react pretty badly to the girl he likes either cheating on him or just flat out dumping him. Give WW a chance to realise she made a mistake (and that mistake could be dating superman, or kissing orion, whichever way the story pans out). But I think, long term, BOTH relationships are flawed, both of them relying only on one aspect of WW's character. Lonely outsider (for WW/Supes) and Warrior Princess (for WW/Orion). Much like how Superman WILL eventually come back to Lois because the Lois/Clark relationship is far more healthy and all encompassing than the WW/Superman one. But for the love of Highfather/Arceus/Odin, let the stories play out. Let the writers tell their stories. Let the characters develop and come to the understanding in their own way and in their own time. Like, I dunno, real people. You want real characters and real stories in your comics or do you want rehashed silver age stuff? Cos they have collections of Silver Age comics for you to buy. Just go read them and let the rest of us enjoy these New Ideas - which may or may not be superior to the Old Ideas but are at least different.
Vince Gattuso I guess it wasn't bad enough that Azzarello has sullied Hippolyta, the Amazons, and Hermes but now it appears he's having Wonder Woman cheat on the Man of Steel with the Dog of War. 
Eric Reese They had more chemistry in six panels of one page than Wondy & Supes have had since New 52 JL started. 
Vince Gattuso A butt-slap is chemistry? Diana should have put Orion's head through a wall after that. 
Joshua Shifty Schiffman If you don't like it don't fucking read it you assholes. Jesus Christ people as Ive said before if you don't like the New 52 don't read it. Personally I love the idea of Orion and WW having an affair. She'll end up with Supes eventually(Kingdom Come in my opinion is how its going to all turn out).
Shannon Luchies Ugh. This is the guy who SLAPPED HER ASS. She shoulda taken his head off then. 
Alfred Day I love it! Especially with her as the aggressor. And if anyone has read any of the April Fool's issues, it's pretty clear they are mostly April Fool's tricks where the incident on the cover is not as it immediately seems inside. And I am digging Azzarello's Wonder Woman which is weird because I generally haven't liked anything else of his except 100 Bullets.
Kareem Yasin Supes punches Orion on another cover, so combined with the butt slap...

MeMyself Kris Wonder Woman cheating, Lois and Superman becoming parents, seems to all be working out for the WTF Certified idea. 
 Don Rychlick not good to show kid it ok to cheet on your boyfriend! 
Patrick Gerard The Superman relationship is kinda forced and most likely a setup for them to be exes during Trinity War.
Dion Nellist Slut  
Jacob Dougherty Makes a lot more sense in a story context (if you're reading WW) than the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship makes. Supes/WW felt when it was introduced and still feels like a gimmick that has no justification story-wise, especially since it's never even been brought up in Azzarello's WW.

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