Monday, April 29, 2013

Comics reviews for week starting 17th April

Discussion and spoilers ahead for Thor: God of Thunder 7, Hawkeye 9, Danger Club 5, Supergirl 19, Wonder Woman 19 and The Pride Adventures.

Thor: God of Thunder 7
I had been getting a little disinterested in this series, but issue 7 had me enjoying it again. I don't think I'm ever going to love it, but it is a good diversion.  I had assumed that the Thor and Gorr story would come to and end soon, but now I think it may continue for at least another 12 issues.
In this one Really Old Thor meets with present day Thor, with amusing banter ensuing.  They sail off to find Gorr once and for all.  In the past Young Thor is captured and tortured by Gorr.  In the (possibly?) present, we find out that Shadrak, currently in the library, is the God of Bombs and he has been working with Gorr to create a huge bomb.
Oh dear.  This won't end well.

Hawkeye 9
Clint Barton is really bad with women.  A dude with a white face is after him.  As usual it's fun but not mind blowing.

Danger Club 5
Now this, this is mind blowing.  This is everything great about modern comics.  It's complex, it's detailed, it's very well though out.  The characters are engaging, there are plot twists and turns and it is absolutely grand in scale.  The villain is crazed, a real terrifying megalomaniac.  The important thing here is that we are shown why he is, we are not just told.  His story slowly unravels until we are faced with a monster. The consequences of his actions are soul destroying.

Anj over at Supergirl Comic Box Commentary did a recap of all 5 issues to date.  I urge you to read (at least up to issue 2 or 3) and then go out and buy all back issues.  This is far and away the best comic from this week.  You are missing out.

Supergirl 19
This is a close contender for comic of the week.  Supergirl meets Power Girl and they are happy! They get on!  They work together, have fun and they don't fight each other!  For heaven's sake they verbally compliment each other.  This is a million miles away from what I was expecting.

The WTF cover is utterly misleading.  This is a fab comic and is probably the first new 52 issue that is optimistic and joyful.  I love it.  Now PLEASE can we keep this feeling for future issues?

Wonder Woman 19
A-ha, it's the WTF cover with WW kissing Orion.  Inside, everyone it contributing names to Zola's little kid.  Hera initially finds the child vile, then she really looks at him and she melts.  Well, she is the Goddess of childbirth (protecting the mother) so I guess that extends a little bit to affection for the child too.  WW does kiss Orion, but uses it as a way to get near him and threaten to rip off his balls.  She demands his respect, he agrees, then immediately is an arse again, so she punches him knocking him over. When he gets up his face is all contorted and red.  Interesting.  Meanwhile, Poseidon is making a deal with the dude in his belly.

Good stuff.  It's still less a Wonder Woman book than a Gods book, but I still like it.

The Pride Adventures
This is a little indie comic I have been meaning to try out for a while.  There are two stories in this issue - one is explicitly a story to reassure young LGBT people out there that they are normal and that It Gets Better.  It even links to the website.  The second story is called In This Shirt and is based on a song by The Irrepressibles.  It's about a superhero guy whose lover is dead and it's absolutely heartbreaking.

All in all, a very good week.


SallyP said...

I've been enjoying Thor, it's interesting to see the three different time periods, but as you say...that bomb probably won't end well.

Hawkeye is always a hoot.

I have to say that I've been enjoying the heck out of Wonder Woman, mainly because Azzarello keeps writing Orion like Guy Garnder.

Saranga said...

Which reminds me - I still need to track down all of Guy's Warrior series.