Monday, April 01, 2013

The Big Bang Theory

I got the season 1 box set from friends for my birthday.  Just watched the first episode.

People say that it is demeaning towards nerds.  It occurs to me that if you took out the canned laughter and look at it as a show about a group of good friends, it's not demeaning at all.  It's fun.  Sheldon is ribbing Leonard a lot about his attempts to score with Penny.  Leonard is trying hard to score.  Penny is very friendly, polite and sweet.  The other two also seem fairly normal.  The only difference between this and shows like Friends is the science references, and the canned laughter encourages you to laugh at the men, apparently for being intelligent.  Which is fairly similar to how Ross was treated in Friends.

But if you ignore the canned laughter, you don't get a show laughing at intelligence.  The text itself doesn't mock the characters.  It's good.


Gary said...

Glad you like it - I think it gets better as the series go on and the characters flesh out.

One thing though - I'm pretty confident that the series is filmed before a live audience, so it's not canned laughter. :)

Saranga said...

Really? It sounds like canned laughter. Ok, in that case American humour is weird.

Gary said...

American humour is weird.

No disagreement there!