Thursday, April 18, 2013

Elysia - a new comic about angels

I recently did my first Kickstarter pledge. It’s for a new comic called Elysia, and it’s a sci-fi fantasy story about angels.
I’m blogging it because they’ve got 5 days to go and just £883 left to raise, and I’m desperate to get it funded!
Here’s the link:
There is also a twitter account:

There will be 3 chapters, each of at least 100 pages. The main reason I’m backing it is because Jennie Gyllblad is doing the art. Long time readers will probably know how much I adore Jennie’s work. I’ll pretty much buy anything she does. I realise that my love for her work is probably not enough for most other people, so here’s some links for you to check out:
Prints for sale:
Jenspiration, her webcomic:
My review of Clockwork Watch, for which she did the art:

Serena Obhrai is writing the comic, her blog is here: Outside of chatting on twitter (where we have recently been discussing, with Jennie, the comparative hotness of Thor vs Loki) I don’t know Serena or her writing at all. I’ve had a quick glance through her blog and her prose seems good.

Here’s a synopsis of the story of Elysia:

The story is set in a fictional future where humans and their guardian angels live side-by-side and all angels must abide by the Three Angel Laws (inspired by Isaac Asimov):

• An angel must obey the orders given to it by The Higher Order of angels.

• An angel must serve to guard and protect their designated humans at all times.

• An angel must not engage in an act of fornication with a human at any given time.
The laws are mostly adhered to, however, there are some that choose to break them. Our story is set around the consequence of two such beings - Max and Devi - whose offspring has to suffer the harsh consequences and reality of her human scientist father and angel mother's choice to procreate, causing Elysia's wings to grow upon hitting puberty.
As her wings form, and she becomes an angel, Elysia has to face the fact that she is no longer human and must come to terms with the challenges that lie ahead with accepting her new form. Having been born with a lot more power and responsibility than she can accept, we follow Elysia on this epic coming-of-age journey where everything she knows no longer exists.
All the teenage angst involved with finding your place in life is nothing compared to the trials and tribulations that Elysia is faced with when confronted with the reality that she is the only key to stopping the Fallen Angel attack that is about to take over the world and all its inhabitants.
Each chapter will be printed in full colour, sized 260mm by 170mm and 100+ pages of awesome. The covers will be glossy and the page and print quality will be high to support Jennie's art style. We're pulling out all the stops to make sure this first print run is of the highest quality for you.
So it’s a coming of age story. Yeah so that’s not a new idea. I don’t think that matters, fantasy and sci-fi stories are full of similar tropes, what makes a story is good is the way in which it is executed. I have every faith that this team will be able to produce an excellent, engaging story. I know for sure that the visuals are going to be amazing.
Please consider backing this kickstarter! If they don’t reach their target no money will be taken and the comic will not get made. And that would make me a very sad bobbins indeed. And it would leave the comic industry that much poorer.
Thanks for reading.

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