Monday, March 04, 2013

Supergirl comics from LSCC

I'm writing this on a Sunday, sat in my conservatory and I'm struck by how good life can be with enjoyable stories, fresh air, sunlight greenery and birds.  I've spent the morning looking outside and have been delighted with our visitors - we've had a nuthatch and either a greenfinch or a siskin.  I've had a pretty rubbish week but so far, Sunday seems OK.

And now, I get to talk about these comics.

I read Peter David's run illegally a few years ago.  I then went out and bought the two trades which exist of this series - Supergirl (collecting the first 10 issues) and Many Happy Returns (collecting the final issues, 75-80).  I think it's a crying shame that DC haven't released the comics in trades, or even on Comixology.  Peter David has a vocal and large fanbase and it seems like they would make some money on them.  Perhaps there are other issues (pun not intended) around re-publishing, or perhaps this just isn't a priority at all.  It's pretty difficult to find the back issues on ebay or Amazon, at least from UK sellers, so this year I decided to bite the bullet and go hunting for them at the trade stands at LSCC.  Not many stands had any in, but I did pick up what I could, and luckily I got the Plus One issues, 11, 13, 14, 15 and 18, and a Supergirl: Team Luthor collection which is pre David, but I couldn't resist.

I should have resisted because I think I already owned the Plus One and Team Luthor issues.

Anyway, these are (thankfully) just as enjoyable as when I first read them.  Plus One has Mary Batson possibly getting groped by a police officer and fighting back as Mary Marvel.  It's not as crass as it sounds, and deals with a complicated situation intelligently.  Mary is a mess of emotions at the time and it's possible she misinterpreted the copper's actions.  Supergirl gets involved and tries to sort out the issue, but it doesn't really get resolved. Readers can make their own minds up about what really happened.

There's a back up with Buzz, Cutter and Mattie where Linda takes her art in a new direction - from sculpting demons to angels.  It signifies her new, happier attitude to life.

Supergirl 11 - Supergirl accidentally frees the Silver Banshee and discovers the Chaos Flow under Leesburg.  I adore the Banshee and loved this issue.

Supergirl 13 - Many young women in Leesburg talk of paralysing dreams and scary but arousing prescence in their room.  So Supergirl encounters demonic possession for a second time.

Supergirl 14 - This is part of the Genesis crossover, which I really don't know much about.  However Leesburg doesn't seem to be affected.  Then Comet turns up, Supergirl visits the Kents, Linda's parents have sex then Linda tells them she's Supergirl, and they disown her.

Supergirl 15 - A really terrible supervillain team called the Extremists turns up.  Linda's parents still don't want to know her, a new comedian turns up in town and Supergirl's powers start changing.  We get the first hints of the earthborn angel she really is.  We also get this gorgeous piece of art:

Supergirl 16 - The Extremists are still causing trouble but thankfully Power Girl has turned up to help out. Unfortunately she is now vulnerable to unprocessed, natural material, like wood, so she gets stabbed by a branch.  Jeez.  Who made that decision?  We get the backstory of Twilight, the Extremists' leader.

Supergirl 18 - Wally, the weird kid who is really God is in this a lot. The issue switches between Wally and his grandparents and Despero/L-Ron fighting Supergirl, who by this point is properly manifesting her flaming wings.  Linda's Dad forgives Linda/Supergirl and makes up with her.

I cannot recommend this series highly enough.  I am going to make a concerted effort to find all the other issues now.

I haven't actually read Team Luthor yet.

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