Friday, March 29, 2013

Comixology comic reviews

I am SO behind.  These may be very short.  Since it's been a while since I read them I'll just have to skim them again, oh no, the horror! ;)

Spoilers ahead for: Power Girl 13, Batman L’il Gotham 4/5/6, Green Arrow 16/17, Justice League 16 and Aquaman 16.

Power Girl 13
Looking at my list of things to review I cannot remember why I bought this.  Possibly it was to test the water as some twitter folks who I trust said this was good.  I got the penultimate issue in the series in hardcopy but after Palmiotti/Gray/Connor ended their 12 issue arc I dropped it from my pull list.

Re-reading it, it's good!  It's the return of Max Lord and he makes everyone on earth forget who he is.  there's lots of old JLI'ers about and it's fun.  I want to buy the rest of this series.  There's 13 I haven't read, and I guess I'll need the JLI issues too.  So, that will wait a while.

Batman L’il Gotham 4, 5 and 6
These are really short comics.  #4 is a New Year's Eve story.  Poison Ivy and Harley convince Selina to create a New Year's revolution.  They rescue animals from the pound, steal toys to give to an orphanage, go clothes shopping, water all the plants and eat cupcakes.  It's cute.

#5 is a Valentine's Day issue.  Joker accidentally covers himself with Ivy's love potion.  Every woman in Gotham falls for him.  Harley is not amused.  Still cute.

#6 is Damian and Katana teaming up to fight Kobra, and Alfred reveals his awesome old-dude-fu.

It seems there are a further 2 issues of this out.  I suppose I should catch up.  It's cute, and Dustin Nyguen's art is very nice, but I'm not sure how bothered I am about it overall.

Green Arrow 16 and 17
When I try and recall what is happening in this series I discover I don't really care for it.  I miss old grumpy old Oliver.

I can't be arsed to re-read these properly.  I just skimmed 17.  The art is nice.  It's got a new creative team.  The big reveal is a dude named Komodo working with a guy named Magus who tells Ollie that he should never have left the island...!! dun dun DUN!!
Yeah I don't care either.

Justice League 16
This is part of the Throne of Atlantis.  This is not a good comic.  The art is average.  There's a lot of posturing.  The action is dull.  It's just a lot of pages to move us from one part of the story to the other.  It reads like it's going through the motions.  I am just not interested in it.

The Shazam back up is better.  This is thoroughly enjoyable, as long as you accept it's a very different Billy Batson.  I don't want to be continually comparing the current to the old, but it's hard.  I spent 10 years building up a love and understanding of the DCU, continuity, obscure characters, relationships and all. That's what I loved.  I am not finding a lot to love in the new DCU.  But Shazam is a decently told re-imagining, so I'm happy.

Aquaman 16
This is better than Justice League.  Aquaman is in the trench, with Supes, Batman and Wondy.  The trench creatures discover them.  On the surface, the Justice League extras get drafted in - Hawkman, Black Canary, Firestorm, Vixen, Element Woman, Black Lightning etc.  I am tempted to read a Justice League story with them all in it.  But not Justice League America.  Gods no.
Anyway, Mera and Cyborg rescue the guys from the trench.  The trench monsters have all left and are invading the surface.  We learn that Vulko is behind the war between Atlantis and the surface and he is controlling the creatures from the trench.

I think it's a shame Vulko has been used like this.  I can't imagine that in the new DCU he will be treated nicely or forgiven.  I am concerned that he will be used in this and then cast aside.

That's all for today.  The next review post will cover Smallville 32/33/34/35/36/37/38, Ame Comi Girls 22/23/24,Civil war 1-7 and Black Panther Civil War 18/22/23/24/25.

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