Thursday, March 07, 2013

Marvel purchases from LSCC

Daredevil End of Days 3 I bought direct from David Mack, because Echo is in it.  She's now a teacher.  I suspect from the way that Ben Urich is talking away from her in most of the conversation she's rather an annoyed teacher.  The scenes with Elektra were also good.  Ignore the cover, she's not actually dead.  I would like to buy the rest of the serie snow, but probably in trade.

Black Cat 1 (of 4) was OK.  Discounting the costume, I don't really see the draw in Felicia Hardy.  She's just like Catwoman.  I suppose she's got better taste in lovers.  And her costume is really awesome.

Fantastic Four 1
This certainly makes Fantastic Four 2 make more sense.  It sets up why the FF are going into space.  Reed Richards comes across as a manipulative arrogant bastard.  I'm not sure even Batman is that much of a secretive git.

Black Panther Prelude to Doom War
This is th first issue I've read where Shuri is the Black  Panther, not T'Challa.  She's a very different character and possibly not the best choice to be the Black Panther.  She's impetuous and rash.  She doesn't think things through and she's not really in touch with the Wakandan people.  I'd like her to succeed, but from this issue I don't think she will.
Namor is revealed to be a badass.  I now get his appeal.  He's far scarier than his DC analogue - Aquaman.

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