Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mike Grell's Green Arrow

This is not a batch of comics I picked up at LSCC!  This is a batch I picked up from ebay, when I was intending to only buy the Black Canary one. Ooops.  The picture is missing one issue, number 7.

Black Canary 7 completes my collection of this 12 issue run.  It's very good. I adore the cover.  In it, Dinah gets tricked into helping the CIA, but they aren't up front with her so it goes wrong.  The killer escapes, then find him again and it's all over.  I miss the pre New 52 Dinah.  The new one just isn't the same.

Green Arrow 7 has Ollie and Dinah living together above Sherwood Florist.  I would love to live in this building - it's a stone tower, it's amazing.  Anyway, Ollie decides to go off hunting criminals in South America.  Dinah can't follow him because she's got a business to run.  Dinah then bumps into someone who tried to rob her a few months back.  A curious confluence of events later and I suspect that in the next issue Dinah and Ollie's paths will cross.  So it's a pity I don't have the next issue.

Green Arrow 13
Ollie returns from a trip (presumably the one started in issue 7) with some injuries.  Dinah is not impressed.  She forgives him and they have sex in their amazing tower.  Ollie does some deliveries fro Dinah and rescues a cat from a tree, intervenes in a domestic violence incident (not very well I must say), and helps a woman with a flat tire.

Green Arrow 14
Someone is trying to assassinate Oliver Queen.  He goes back to the people he encountered in issue 13, with amusing results.  I shan't spoil it, as it;s worth getting these two issues .

Green Arrow 20
This is about the aftermath of Ollie shooting a teenager.  That's good enough but then he wakes up on a  mountain as Hal Jordan has dragged him though to sober him up and make him deal with it.  They then have a fight.  It's rather amusing.

Green Arrow 28
Travis Morgan, fella who's been living in Skataris for a long time, turns up in Seattle and is mistaken for Ollie - they are identical.  Because Ollie has pissed a lot of people off, Morgan gets the brunt of this and everyone wants to pick a fight with him.  The issue opens with some crooks discussing how to get rid of Ollie/Morgan.  Morgan goes to Sherwood Florist and picks a fight with Ollie and patronises Dinah, so Dinah lays him out.

Then there's trouble outside the amazing tower and they all go out and fight for their property (and the love of fighting, because it is these three).  I had forgotten about this story arc and it really tickles me :)

Green Arrow 47
Oliver is in Africa trying to stop illegal poaching.  I don't know why.  Things aren't straightforward as the anti poaching gang have different ideas on how to proceed.  It does seem to be quite well researched though, as there is lots of detail that doesn't need to be in there.  That and the fact they they list a technical advisor in the credits.

I cannot wait to get my paws on the rest of this run :)

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SallyP said...

I have never read these, and I probably should. The art is supposed to be amazing.