Monday, March 11, 2013

Reviews of comics that came out this decade

Well, in the last month anyhow.  In the weeks preceeding March 2nd if I'm being exact.  Here they are:

As you might be able to tell I hadn't been in for a few weeks.

Onwards with the reviews!

Spoilers ahead, obvs.

Demon Knights 16 and 17
Great stuff.  I am enthusiastic about a new 52 DC title guys.  This was fun.  Bernard Chang's art helps a hell of a lot of course.  The story takes place 30 years after the previous story arc.  Al Jabr has got older, the rest remain ever young.  Sir Ystin and Exorista have split up.  Jason Blood (of Norwich!) is the prisoner of Vandal Savage and has had his mouth removed.  Not by cutting it out, but now his skin extends over where his mouth should be and he doesn't look very happy about it.

There are vampires about.  One is an Amazon vampire.  They want to take over the world.  So the Demon Knights decide this ain't right.

Great stuff.  Buy it.

DC Universe presents Black Lightning and Blue Devil 15 and 16
Also good.  not as much fun as issue 14 promised, which I blame on the gross new power set of Blue Devil (when he's human Dan Cassidy puts on an actual devil skin to transform to Blue Devil) and on Black Lightning's silly new costume.  A thought occurs that perhaps it's less fun because Andreyko is writing and he seems to do more serious stuff.

Devil and Lightning's banter and interaction is fun, even if the overall story feels a bit moody (and forgettable).  I'd like to read more of these two together.

Wonder Woman 17
Gorgeous cover!  This series is a bit slow burning, but I always feel satisfied after reading it.  Zola is still after her baby and the rest of the Gods are interfering.  Diana gets slapped on the arse by Orion and immediately starts yelling at him, but is cut off mid sentence by Zola who is getting frustrated by everyone discussing her baby like she's not there.  I've seen other bloggers dislike this sequence, saying it is portraying Diana in a bad light, or condoning Orion's movements, but I disagree.  Orion was disrespectful but there were bigger problems afoot.  If Diana had ignored Zola and rounded on Orion she would be diminishing Zola's thoughts and feelings and that would be wrong.

Supergirl 16 and 17
H'el on earth continues.  These issues were more enjoyable than previous ones but ye gods I cannot wait till this stupid crossover is finished.  Krypto turned up in issue 16 and looks more like some sort of Shiba Inu/Husky cross than the white Labrador that was in the old 52.

Green Lantern 17
I bought this because I'd got back into the Rainbow Corps stories and I noticed this was the start of another big storyline.  It's OK, but I think there's about 3 months worth of issues that tie into this, with about 16 comics to buy.  Jeez.  That's overkill.  I won't be buying them.

Hawkeye 8
It's a love issue.  With gangsters.  I still can't get past the fact that he's basically Green Arrow in purple, without the beard.  I do think what is the point when you've already got Green Arrow, and then I remember that the new 52 Green Arrow issues aren't great, but then I don't think these are great either.  They are enjoyable, certainly, and a lot more fun than most DC stuff, and looking at what superheros do on their days off is always fun, but still... I'm stuck on the fact that he's a Green Arrow rip off.  I shoudl probably get over that.

Thor God of Thunder 5
The art is wonderful but I do hope the Gorr storyline doesn't get dragged out too long.

FF 4
Jen goes on a date and the 4 little yellow alien dudes try and sabotage it, because they love Jen.  they enlist the help of a short brown haired kid who wants to be an evil overlord when he grows up but their shenanigans mean that Jen's date night gets improved.  This was fun.

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