Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm getting slack with reviewing things and doing proper blog posts.  I know.  So have some pictures instead.

 I got new trainers.  They have Cheetara on them.  They are wonderful.

This is the final panel of Wonder Woman 18.  I think it's lovely.  I have Thoughts about the Wonder Woman comic.  I shall Put Them Into Writing soon.

 Flowers that look like monkeys!  And like men with dangly bits!

I have a story in here!
 I saw a picture of a 'unicorn' on twitter recently.  It was a lady lying with her head against a man's groin, so his erect, aah, member, gave her a horn.  While quite funny, I feel the above picture is nicer!

A Calvin & Hobbes bedroom.  How cool.

This is Hawkgirl by Andy Kappellusch.  I love the muscles and the feathery framing of her!

This is also by Andy.  Not ehow happy kara looks.  I don't think she's looked happy in the new DCU.  Bah.  She also looks older here, and def like she should be called Superwoman.  Which, incidentally, is what non comics readers always call Supergirl.  They never ever give her the 'girl' suffix.  Interesting.

Because it was my birthday recently, Andy drew me a Supergirl waving happy birthday:
:D  It's a Matrix Kara., but looks, personality and temperament wise, like the pre-crisis Kara.  Thank you Andy!

I put a couple of pictures of me in some sort of very casual costumes looking like a dork on my tumblr, and I thought I'd crosspost them here:

See. Dork.

My tumblr is fast turning into a Supergirl tumblr.  There's lots of great images there too.  Go have a look.

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