Monday, February 20, 2012

Yet again London gets all the fun things

I got this from the Deaf Uk Jobs yahoo group/mailing list:
CommunityID is running a Big Lottery project for ALL of London. The aim is to promote 'community cohesion' for Deaf people and improved working conditions and awareness for their BSL Interpreters.

We regularly deliver our free interactive and modern "Deaf & Interpreter" sessions to those that are eligible (third sector, volunteers and those from deprived/poor backgrounds) .

However, 2012 will be taking a new additional approach – with some great themed events with some great Deaf guest speakers being lined up!

There will be a mix of presentations, training workshops & sessions and lots of opportunities to network at all the events.

ANYONE from LONDON is welcome to attend, if they meet our criteria:

• Work in Third Sector (charity, community/voluntary groups, C.I.Cs, ethically motivated social enterprises)
• Volunteer in spare time
• Low income (deprived background – unemployed, low paid worker)
• Have a Deaf family member and need to learn more
• Volunteer or work to support specific Deaf communities/ organisations/ projects

Please see the list of dates coming up in London:

"Deaf Accessibility in the Third Sector" 1st March (in partnership with Sense)
http://communityid. third_sector_ themed_day. jpg

Guest Speakers:
Gillian Morbey OBE, CEO of Sense International
Tomato Lichy – BDA Representative

This day is open for all – with a specific theme of how the Third Sector is open to Deaf community members. A great day for Managers and Service Coordinators!

"Creative Opportunities for the Creative Minds" 5th March
http://communityid. art_sector_ themed_day. jpg
Guest speakers:
Samuel Dore, BurstEarDrum – Deaf Film Maker, Photographer
Caroline Parker – Freelance Performing Artist

This day is open for all – with a specific theme of the Arts and Creative Industries and looking an inclusive opportunities and experiences of Deaf `creatives'!

"Age & Isolation from a Deaf perspective" 22nd March
http://communityid. age_isolation_ themed_day. jpg
Guest speakers:
JDA (Jewish Deaf Association) representative
Others being confirmed

This day is open for all – with a specialised focus on the ageing population and sharing the Deaf experiences. A fascinating debate on services and resources…

"Ethnicity & Equity - exploring Deaf culture and access" 27th March
http://communityid. ethnicity_ equity_themed_ day.jpg
Guest speakers:
Mohammad Mahboubi – Deaf Iran Refugee experience
Others being confirmed

This day is open for all – focusing on the multi-cultural and diverse community that not only London has, but it's rich Deaf community too. What are the daily issues that this service sector face?

"Enhancing Education through Sign Language"
http://communityid. education_ themed_day. jpg
Guest speakers:
Francis Elton – Linguistic Researcher
Catherine Drew – Deaf Instructor, Frank Barnes

This day is open for all – investigate and learn what "bi-lingual" education means and the importance of Deaf BSL users being taught in their first language, with fascinating insight in Deaf History and first hand experiences…

"Deaf Accessibility for LGBT services" 29th March
http://communityid. LGBT_themed_ day.jpg
Guest speakers:
Tim Aldcroft – Kairos in Soho (a beneficiary of our project will share his views)
Others being confirmed

This day is open for all – sector specific day focusing on the daily experiences of the Deaf LGBT community and how it can access its diverse, sensitive and essential support services on a par with others.

"Positive Pathways into Mental Health & Deafness" 3rd April
http://communityid. mental_health_ themed_day. jpg
Guest speakers:
being confirmed

This day is open for all – having a positive approach to Mental Health and it's services is vital to make positive changes. Deaf people are more prone to experience such issues? Come and learn why…

Our aim is to deliver 2 sessions that repeat in the morning and afternoon – to allow for people's valuable time. Maximum of 50 people per session please.

All people that attend are then eligible to apply for FREE BSL 1 training via our project.

Please do pass this on to others that you think would benefit.

If you would like more information, have a question about coming or to book a place on any of these events then please do contact us as soon as you can!

Contact details are:

Colette Hogan
Project Director

020 7249 8454

This looks so interesting  but I don't live in London so I can't go. :(

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