Wednesday, February 01, 2012


February 1st and 2nd is Imbolc, an old pagan festival. Imbolc means ewes milk and it marks the time of year when we see the light returning – the days have become noticeably longer, it’s now light-ish at 4.30 to 5pm. The Imbolc goddess is Brigit. She walks the ground tapping it with a white rod and then snowdrops appear. She can turn water into beer and she is linked with the moon. In the past, when Brigit had priestesses, she used to have 19 who guarded a fire each day. On the 20th day Brigit would arrive to tend it. Her animals are the swan and the wolf. I don’t know why. Brigit has 3 fire arrows – one for the hearth or forge, one for healing and one for inspiration. At Imbolc we eat sheeps milk cheese, drink a beer and light candles.

I like Imbolc – I hate the darkness of winter, I hate the cold. I like candles, and cheese, and beer. This festival suits me. Enjoy the new light folks!

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