Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reynard City art

I found these couple of scans on facebook.  They are teaser images for an upcoming Reynard City issue.
I really like them, especially the black and white one.  It's a really clear, clean art style.  My only critiques are that it might make more sense for the left hand bottom panel to be on the right hand side instead, and the pose in the bottom panel is a bit awkward.  I think her body should be more vertical and less horizontal.  But hey, she's a fox (literally), maybe humanoid foxes have different skeletal structures.

Even with those comments, it's still a pretty good comic page.  I like the layout and I love the sense of perspective and movement you get in the middle and bottom right panels.

Good stuff.

It's done by Susie Hampton, you can see more of her stuff on her deviantart account.

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