Sunday, February 26, 2012

More photos from the London con!

These are some photos that my friend took at the London Super comic con.  (I think that if I don't put that exact phrase in this post won't show up in search items.  So, let's add some more in.   Cosplay. superheroes.  Comic Convention. Flash. Jay Garrick. Supergirl. awesomesauce.)

Now to the Marvel ones first.
Glacatus, the vulture and spiderman:

Galactus had a bit of paper on his back saying 'ultimate nullify me'.  Lols.
The Scarlet Witch and Valkyrie:
One of many Ms Marvels:
Now for the DC costumes.
That is one impressive Catwoman suit.
DC new universe Supergirl!
This costume was amazing!  She'd even got the right contacts in to change her eye colour.  And she was an absolute sweetie.

And here's where I can't believe I'm actually putting these online because my gods, I am such a dork.
But of course I needed a picture of me and Kara.  How could I not?

This is the only pose I did.  It's not very good.  And I am such a dork.


cerebus660 said...

Great photos, Saranga! Looks like you had a great time! And you're not a dork :-)

Jennie Whitwood said...

I was very impressed with the new supergirl costume!

Mumma Rivvy said...

You're not a dork at all! I felt ridiculous trying to pose for other people's photos, and I couldn't move my arms much in my costume, my hair kept stabbing the people I was posing with, and I couldn't walk in my shoes haha! I'll pick a more practical costume next time, but yours looked ace!

(Hi, by the way, I bumped into you at LSCC, I was magpie, hanging out with deadshot, I think you got a photo with us, and I really like your blog.)

Saranga said...

Thanks guys. I am so a dork though. :p

rivvy - I really liked your costume! especially since it was a less well known character. I want to hunt down her issues now.
i thought my friend took a photo of you but he doesn't seem to have it anymore. :(

SallyP said...

A dork? Nay, an ADORABLE Dork!


Saranga said...

Cheers sally :)