Saturday, February 18, 2012

I passed!

My BSL assessment, woo-hoo!

EDIT - this means that I get to do the second part of the level 3 course, which gives me the qualification.  I haven't actually passed the level 3 yet.  But I hope to do so by summertime.  I'll just have to work really damn hard.  Which I am more than happy to do!

I failed the driving test.  There's a surprise.  But the BSL thing is far more important to me, so hurrah!
I booked another driving test. Perhaps I shall drive better next time. *le sigh*


Feminist Avatar said...

Yeay! and boooo!

Saranga said...

Thanks FA :)
I did notice your comment about using kalms, or eating a banana, and I think I'll get a banana for the next driving test. Cheers for the advice. :)