Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prism Comics

I’ve written several articles for Prism Comics, all focusing on LGBT characters.  A list of the articles can be seen below.

I'll be updating this post as and when more of my stuff gets published by Prism, and I'll be including a link to this post on my blog sidebar.
Secret Six - Six Degrees of Devastaion: It’s a team of 6 villains, with one lesbian and one bisexual character.
Venus Envy: Webcomic about a young trans woman.
Coming out in comics – similar to my series on this blog, this is an overview of LGB characters in modern DC comics, what I think about them and why I think it’s important to have them.
Iono-Sama Fanatics volume 1: A Japanese yuri (girls love) manga about a visiting Queen, looking to build up her sobames (companions).
Paris:  2 women find love in 1950s Paris.
Starman #45: Featuring a gay male couple, and some rather dodgy gay men in prison assumptions.
Starman 80 page giant - Wherein I talk about the concept of bisexual erasure and what this comic does to break the trend.

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