Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Look, I just like animals in comcis alright, and this is one particualrly cute incaranation of Krypto, and it's his first appearence since the 1980s Crisis.

Awww.  Lil puppy!!  Of course, this one isn't Kryptonian, just a stray that Bibbo rescued after Superman's death.  From Adventures of Superman 502.


Stephen said...

Whatever happened to that dog? and Bibbo too for that matter.

Saranga said...

Hi Stephen. You obviously haven't been visiting my other blog, New readers..start here! WE recently did a serie sof posts on the characters that inspired Smallville, and one post had a little bit about Krypto:

I hope that's useful.

stephen said...

Yeah, I checked that one out too! Thanks!

If memory serves, though, this is a DIFFERENT Krypto from the actual krytonian one, no? I was under the impression that this one just got the name as a nod to the post-crisis dog.

Are they the same dog? I kind of stopped reading Superman around this time...

Anonymous said...

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