Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today is Ostara - the Spring equinox.  The day and the night are of equal length and as of tomorrow the days are longer than the nights.  Normally, I would everyone a happy Ostara, but it seems a little crass to do so now, given what's happening in Japan.  Ostara is a celebration of spring and life and breeding and the true end of Winter.  I have difficulty celebrating this in public when thousands have just died.

Yes yes, I know in theory that death isn't the end and it's all a great wheel of life blah blah blah, but I somehow think that's scant comfort when whole communities have been wiped out and those that did survive have lost everything.

So instead, I shall point you towards this blog post titled Some Perspective On The Japan Earthquake where the write rpoint sout that it coudl have been a lot worse, and by and large, the safety processes and protocols put in place to deal with this sort of thing worked well and as planned.  For that we can be thankful.  I also recommend the BBC news website for reasoned, clear and responsible reporting on the nuclear plant.

In British news, it's anti street harassment day today.  There's a post about it on the F Word here.

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Feminist Avatar said...

Technically, Ostara was a few days ago here in sunny Scotland. Today we got 15mins more light than night!! Roll on the long evenings...