Monday, December 14, 2009

Zombie zombie zombie zombie! (revenant?) (and rings!)

Blackest Night reviews.  Spoilers ahead for Teen Titans #77, JLA #39, Blackest Night: The Flash #1, Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1, Green Lantern #48 and Blackest Night #5.
Teen Titans #77
Let's be honest, this didn't really advance the Blackest Night story any.  However, as it was all centred around my beloved Rose Wilson, I rather enjoyed it.  It definitely advanced her and Slade's story.  The start of the story is narrated by William Randolph Wintergreen, an excellent character who I am very glad to see back, even in a Black Lantern guise.  We are told about Slade's early and married life, how he hurts everyone he is close to, and we see Rose catching up with him ready to exact revenge.  She doesn't initially believe him about the Black Lanterns, and then her dead brother Grant turns up.  Grant starts burning Slade and Rose decides she should probably save her father.  Wade (who I can't quite recall as a living character) and Wintergreen also arrive.  The issue ends with Rose throwing Grant into the fire and Joey (Jericho), her brother emerging, but not as a Black Lantern.  I got pretty confused with what has been happening to Jericho months ago, so I have no idea what the explanation for his re-appearence will be.

Joe Bennett did the pencils and he draws Rose very well.  She becomes athletic and he doesn't make her breasts massive.  She is lean and solid muscle and so her breasts are drawn correspondingly smallish.  She's not drawn cheesecake sexy, she's drawn like a fighter.  If you find that sexy, so be it, but sexy isn't the first thing on the penciller's mind.  Full praise to Bennett!  According to Wikipedia he's also done Buffy, Birds of Prey, Hawkman, 52, Terror Titans and Teen Titans.  Shows how much I notice.  His art page is here.  He does commissions!

All in all a great issue.

JLA #39
Bought to get the ring (photos below).  An ok issue.  Wobbly Plastic Man, Dr Light vs Dr Light, Zatanna vs Zatarra, crappy art but no mention of the word rape.  Evil Dr Light does lick Firestorm’s Girlfriend’s salty head though.  This will be fine to re-read but isn’t a world changer.

Green Lantern #48
Oooh oooh ooh we like this!  It's Larfleezetastic!  And the 7 colours unite together together!  I love it when folks who don't really like each other have to band together to fight the big unstoppable evil.  And in comics it's just so damn colourful!!

Blackest Night #5
Oooh we like this too!  6 spine tingly (if you are a sucker like me) oaths and a confused Larfleeze.  Wally!Flash sports his new costume, so it's a good thing Flash Rebirth #6 came out on time, eh?  The living Lanterns plan to destroy the black battery doesn't go quite as expected, Donna's infection gets worse, Bruce Wayne comes back (briefly), and those heroes that have come back from the dead are turned into Black Lanterns.  So, to recap, thats:
Animal Man
Wonder Woman
Kid Flash (Bart)
Green Arrow
Donna Troy
And Superman

Black rings are chasing Hal Jordan and Barry Allen.

The DCU is fucked.

Blackest Night: The Flash #1
Heh heh heh, this is a reverse cover of Rebirth number 1.  The art is by the same guy who did Rogues Revenge, excellent!  I think this wil be a cracking read.

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1
Diana versus Max Lord, with a cemetary full of dead soldiers in the way.  Diana is full of love.  As for Flash, I have hopes for this series.

And now, the rings!

EDIT - shit, just noticed I didn't post the picture....oh well that will be another post then!

Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa!

Who hopes they'll release a white one when this is over?


SallyP said...

Green Lantern and Blackest Night WERE rather mindboggling, weren't they?

wiec? said...

agree about the Blackest Night Flash and I'm glad you read Rouges Revenge. and Larafleeze is turning into one of my favorite new characters in the event. he's just so awful and funny.