Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas time and meme time

This Christmas, I have: cooked three heavy dinners, cleared the kitchen three times, received a lot of woollen clothes, read one and a half books since boxing day (Ben Goldacre's Bad Science is highly recommended), watched the Incredibles, worked my way through more of Evil Inc. and been tagged in an end of the decade meme.  The meme goes thusly:

Created by Ami Angelwings the idea is to: "come up with 3 categories and who you think wins that category! Be creative!"
Categories can be anything, serious like political event of the decade or ridiciulous like worst hair of a world leader, weirdest food trend... etc etc)

And then you tag 3-5 other ppl, who then come up with 3 categories.. and so on.  The main part is to be creative!

Here goes my thoughts:
Tea of the decade:  Rooibosh, or redbush.  Best. Tea. Ever.  If I run out I go into withdrawal.  Sooo goood.

Useful appliance of the decade:  Tweezers.  Without them I'd be going stir crazy.  It turns out that women aren't as naturally hair free as you'd imagine.

Personal discovery of the decade: Learning how varied work can be, and that gosh darn heck, I can actually be good at it.  The thought of the work place when I was 19 was terrifying - the few temp jobs I'd had back then didn't go great and I reckon it's just in the last few years that I've found my feet, my confidence and have realised that I'm capable.

Well, that was an uncreative and me-centric list.  I tag and challenge the following people to come up with more creative stuff:

James Ashelford

And I've put up a new poll, inspired by a book I read on Boxing Day, more info will be posted in a few days.  Meanwhile you've got till the 7th January to cast your vote.


Red said...

Hm. I'll think about that one. Tho I have to say, the decade doesn't end until Dec 31, 2010! Still, I understand the impulse to want to do a review.

Saranga said...

The decade ends at the end of 2009!
2000 plus 9 extra years equals a decade!
Unless I'm going totally mad. But I don't think I am. To be fair you're not the first person I've seen arguing that the decade doesn't end till 31st Dec 2010.

SallyP said...

Actually, I'm with Red on this one. We still have another year to go. However, nobody else seems to think so, so I'll just sigh and go with the flow.

Love your categories. Now I have to sit down and actually think up some for myself.

cerebus660 said...

I'm a meme-virgin ( blushes! ) and have never been "tagged" before. ( I know, and at my age too... )
I'll have to give it some thought :-)

BTW I'm also of the opinion that the decade ends at the end of 2010. The year 2000 was the last year of the 20th century: it was the 2000th year of our present calendar, there was no Year Zero, so the 21st century proper started with Jan. 1st 2001. My head hurts! I'll have to go for a lie down...

Saranga said...

So what did you guys all do in 1999? Did you not count the new decade until the end of 2000? I'm *sure* that all end of the decade was in 1999...
My head hurts now..and there was that Prince/symbol song - 'Party like it's 1999'..having said that I don't think I heard it till about 2002 but we'll ignore that a sit;s really not relevant.

Ami Angelwings said...

Technically, since there was no year 0, each century starts on the 01 and ends on the 00, so decades should also be 1 and 0...

but conventionally ppl tend to look at decades as the 80s, 90s, etc... so that's why I think ppl are doing it now, cuz it's the end of the 00s :]

I have no problem with either way of looking at it since there's the technical way and the common way and I'm good with both :)

But it's more fun to do it right now than wait another year xD

wiec? said...

i could care less either way when a new decade starts and when an old one ends. my guess is the 1980's started in the year 1980. the 1990's started in in the year 1990 but that's me just guessing.

either way a year/ decade in review meme sounds fun and i'm in. thanks for the inclusion Saranga.

when it's up i'll let you know.