Friday, December 18, 2009

Wonder Woman trades review (and UFOs!)

I bought two Wondy trades.  By Gail Simone.  They're rather good.  I knew she'd read better as a whole rather than as seperate monthly issues.

Anyway the two trades are The Circle, Simone's first arc, and Rise of the Olympians, with the Manazons.

In The Circle we get to see the circumstances surrounding Diana's creation, talking clever gorillas and Captain Nazi.  And Etta!!  Although I'd prefer it if she was fatter she does pretty well.  A new Amazonian enemy is brought in and there are flying horses.  The art is great, Diana's not in thong and there's a reasonably good intro by Mercedes Lackey.  I've never read any of her books, but it seems that DC is trying to attract the female market with this trade.  Works for me.  I think this is good enough to be reviewed over on New readers..

Unfortunately I couldn't pick up the next chronological book, so missed some stories between The Circle and Rise of the Olympian, but nevermind.  In this trade the Gods come back - I've no idea where they've been, I can only think their abscence is linked to a Crisis.  They look pretty darn good, design wise.
Wondy gets another enemy and dons her awesome winged battle armour.  There's a giant squid and Ares shows up.

Yes, these books are reccomended.

AND!  UFOs over Moscow!!

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