Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm baaack..with some Homemade comic themed stuff

Not made by me, I hasten to add.  Anyway I got back from my week away and have now caught up on the DID all write interesting stuff while I was away, rock on!  Now before I get round to writing up new posts, have an old one.  here:

On the weekend (well, now about 4 weeks ago but still), I was browsing round one of my fine city's many art and crafty type indoor markets on and I came across something rather special.  It's a clock, about 3 and half foot high, made entirely out of recycled materials and covered with cuttings from DC comics.


 If you look closely you cab see Ice, Maxima, Wonder Woman, Power Girl, Green Lantern, Fire, Elongated Man  and Dr Light (the good one).  This makes me think the cuttings all came from 80s/90s era JLI/JLE/JLA books.

At 65 pounds and with Christmas coming up I couldn't afford to buy it, but I do think it is immensely cool.  Particularly as I could never bring myself to cut up comics that way!  I also doubt that the boyfriend would want such a thing in the house.

The lady who made it also had tables and chests covered with comic cuttings.  All themed, so there was a Beano one, a Marvel one, a Batman one etc.

I then submitted photos to The Aquaman Shrine as the clock does feature our favoutire Atlantean, and the pictures have been accepted, posted here, and has made me a F.O.A.M. member.  See my lovely shiny certificate:

Anyway, I think the clock is pretty cool.

Ok I admit it, I emailed the pics in partly to see if I could be accepted to FOAM status.  Such a fangirl.

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SallyP said...

That's an interesting clock...the only problem is that where on earth do you put it? It doesn't really go with the Ikea OR the Chippendale.

On the other hand, it would look fabulous in my studio.