Friday, June 13, 2008

Where's WFA?

I miss When Fangirls Attack. It hasn't been updated for aaages. I gather from the May 27th post the contributors have life problems going on and that's cool, I don't expect it to be updated constantly. But still, I miss it. Where else can I get my comic geekery from? Come back WFA :(

And I'm too skint to buy fresh comics. Working my way through the old Flash ones, but it's not the same. Mostly cos Wally is a dick. Roll on when I get to Bart's arrival.

EDIT: Hurrah theres a new post up, hurrah!

2nd EDIT: Of course, I realise could go looking for the women/comics posts myself, but I'm lazy.

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kalinara said...

:-) Aw. Thanks. We're on temporary hiatus now, but we hope to be back as soon as life settles down a bit.