Wednesday, June 18, 2008

If you have to ask..

Then the answer is no...
Is it ok to have a secret Tory crush?
(From The Guardian website, a newspaper that supports a leftwing/liberal view).
For non UK readers - The Conservatives are the right wing party in the House of Commons, they are known colloquially as Tories. They are traditionally the party of the rich and privileged. They are also traditionally homophobic, sexist and racist. They do not like the welfare state. They introduced section 28 in the 80s banning schools from 'promoting' homosexuality with the net effect that teachers didn't dare talk about homosexuality lest they got the sack. The majority of them wanted the legal time limit on abortion to be reduced. They don't support the green movement. They are the only party to have had a woman Prime Minister but this is no reason to support them as Margaret Thatcher is the devil incarnate. Mortgage rates doubled, if not tripled when she was Prime Minister. They shut all the mines thus destroying a lot of northern and Welsh communities. They do not believe in the rights of the worker and they do not care about those in poverty. They don't see the need for a support network. they opposed the minimum wage. They were in power for 18 years from 1979 and in the early 90s a lot of corruption became public.
Boris Johnson is a Tory.
There is also a high possibility they will get in at the next election, in which case goodbye rights.
So, no, if you also support a leftwing or liberal point of view it is not, ever, ok to have a Tory crush.

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