Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nominate your favourite 'obscure' sf/fantasy books

over at feminist sf- the blog
The idea is (from the post itself):
I’m thinking of this as a nomination post where every person gets to nominate F/SF novels that they feel are obscure or underrated from any time period and explain (as briefly or wordy as you like) why they belong on the list. It can be Urban Fantasy, Hard Science Fiction, High Fantasy, Military Sci-Fi, YA Fantasy… whatever sub-genre you want just make sure that it’s something that is obscure or underrated. It can be an obscure novel by a famous author or something by someone no ones ever heard of. It just cannot be a novel that’s won a major F/SF award or been a bestseller because that seems to defeat the purpose of the list. Other than that use your imagination and common sense.

closing date is the 11th June. I figure at least some of the people reading this blog like sf and judging from the comments left you're all feminists! Go forth and nominate, or at the very least go find lots of good new books!

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