Sunday, June 01, 2008

Friday's batch..

I got more comics. There's a surprise. Spoilers ahoy.

Huntress \2. Oh my god this is wonderful. Helena is brilliant. This story is where the tough women in comics are. This is the type of woman I want to read about and this is the art I want to see. The rape sub plot initially ground on my nerves, (as in: oh look we need to show a way to do something bad to a woman, I know let's rape her. Lets yet again show women they are in constant danger of being raped. Every single minute of every day, because they'll never be safe you know and we can't let them forget it).
Anyway. The reason I ended up being ok with this was due to the way it was resolved and the way in which Helena dealt with it. Also, it wasn't included as a threat to the protagonist and it did serve to show the power dynamics within the family. So not *entirely* gratuitous. And Helena is made of fiery ruthless steel. She is solid and tough. Cross her at your peril.

Batman Confidential \17. Part 1 of a 5 part story arc, doncha know. Oh win. Oh this was an utter joy to read. I love Babs as Batgirl and I loved this story. And I couldn't help but be impressed that both Babs and Selina had many different facial expressions through this. And none of them come hither and fuck me expressions (except for Selina in the club at the end but that was in context and very much appropriate). And Babs in the last shot? That was a muscular back. Not a waif or with impossibly proportioned hips and arse.
Cannot wait for the next one. Now if only Batman doesn't show up and spoil it all...

Teen Titans \59. Oh Rose is so going to destroy them. She's going to go through them like a whirlwind and they'll never know what happened. Did I mention how much I love Rose? She smokes, she drinks, she has casual sex, enjoys it and doesn't apologise for it, she doesn't apologise for who she is and she couldn't give a shit what other people think of her. My kind of hero. Next to her many other heroes appear to have a rather large stick up their arse (I'm looking at you Cassie and Tim).

All star Superman \11. Read 3 of these now. I don't like it. I figure it's meant to have a silver age feel but the dialogues horrible. I'm not buying this again.

Booster Gold \9. With the JLI reunion I expected more. I'll see how this pans out next issue. Of course, if every single persons topped using the adjective 'sweet' to describe Ice I might be happier. She can't be that nice she was with Guy after all.

I decided against buying the Robin/Spoiler issue. I'll think I'll just start getting the Robin trades.
I also picked up old Cloak and Dagger issues yesterday. Hurrah for finding a new shop selling old comics! I'm loving that team. I'll postulate on them at a later date.

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