Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things that are wrong

mm. Not to put a downer on the last post, I am still in a pretty good mood but me being me can't let things that aggravate me slip by.

Mika's song: Big Girl (you are beautiful). or more accurately the video.
So instead of fetishising skinny girls we're not fetishising fat girls? How is that better? I do get the sentiments of the song, honest I do, I know there are gorgeous fat girls out there, just like there are gorgeous skinny girls. But making it just about the fat? Or just about the skinny? How is that a good thing? Maybe I'm too cynical.

Apparently we gave Mugabe a knighthood. I'm quite frankly flabbergasted. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe he's never had a good human rights record. And yes, damn right we should be taking it off him, but he should never have been given one in the first place.

Oh god. Should I even dissect this? I think there's a moral duty to do so but I think it should be perfectly fucking obvious why that article and headline is not acceptable. Should everyone offended by this crap explain why it's awful? Or is it enough to point out that it's hideously racist and xenophobic? What do people think? Oh and don't read the comments unless you want to get really angry.
On a side note:
"News of the security setback came as the Government yesterday admitted that installing 100 per cent airport-style screening at rail and Tube stations was “not feasible”."
Have the people writing this ever been to a London tube station? Jesus fucking H christ.

You know, I could spend all day highlighting the crap that goes on. But I won't. If I spend too much time on it I'll have sky high blood pressure.

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Feminist Avatar said...

Mika's song is just objectification of non-traditional beauty. It's still sexist shit.