Monday, May 05, 2008

Wally West is a dick.

I've been reading volume 2 of the Flash and come to the conclusion that Wally West is a bit of a dick. Flash number 2 ends with Wally inviting then girl friend Francis Kane to move into his house. Next issue he finds a note from her saying she's left, things were moving too fast etc. Fine. 5 pages later (and about 2 hours within DC Universe time) he meets Tina McGee. And starts hitting on her. Next issue they're kissing. He has a dilemma about her being married.
Then follows some really awful storyline about her husband beating her up because he's been taking some super serum rubbish. Yet she still loves and defends him and finally ends up leaving Wally for him. The husband is fully recovered by this point by the way. And there's some excrutiating dialoge and tension between Wally's mum and Tina because they're all living in the same house. Yadda yadda yadda. It's really bad writing. I blame the 80s.
And then in this lovely page Wally's shows the senstivity and intelligence of a dead rodent:

A few comics before this he's also hitting on his hot young neighbour and only stops cos he realises she a criminal. Wally, you are a dick.

And this page just confuses the hell out of me:

I think the dancer is a caterer. He shows up 2 panels before to talk about this issues monster - the Kilgore - is disbelieved by the scientist and then the above panel happens. Huh?!

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