Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun things

In an effort to focus on the good things in life I bring you the following:

Bears and Menstruating Women. Should you camp?
This reminds me of my friends corgi, who recently went to the trouble of digging out her used tampons from the bin and eating them. 3 of them. They had to take the stupid thing to the vet and it was prescribed it some sort of laxative. I was thoroughly grossed out.

Pac man pie chart

Menstrual Painting
I like the one done on the bathroom floor.

Optimash Prime! Best. Toy. Ever.


Power Girl gets own series Now please lets make it a little more consistent than the Supergirl one, ok folks?

Women of the DC Universe poster 'tis wonderful. (In my head this is a kind of alternate universe where Kate Kane isn't a total femme and would wear trousers. Everything else remains the same though) And Adam Hughes manged to draw the hands ok. Ivy and Harlequin look like they are lovers sharing an intimate moment. Kara is spot on. Power Girl looks like a goddess.

Edit: Also the pirates app on facebook, awesome!

The menstrual posts and Optimash Prime toy were first seen on Occasional Superheroine's blog. the Optimash Prime toy had me giggling on the floor for 5 minutes.

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