Sunday, May 25, 2008

Time out in an awesome city

I've just got back from a Hen weekend in Bratislava. I adore that city, it's now the second time I've been there and I really really want to go back again, preferably with the boyfriend. Things I have done this weekend:
Survived on 16 hours sleep over 3 nights
Shot a machine gun, hit the target and got bruises from the kick back.
Got an awesome masssage by a male masseuse
Spoke a tiny bit of Russian
Met many many many Stag dos
Tried lots of Slovakian beer
Freaked out in the UFO
Went to an awesome outside pool
Used unisex changing rooms
Had chewy chips and mystery meat/processed cheese burgers
Had a McDonalds (not bad considering)
Went to an incredibly dated club on a boat
Achieved my (desire?) dream of staying in a communist style hotel - not reccomended
Chilled out in the sun
Cadged a lift home from the airport from a random stag party going my way
Received an offer to attend Spearmint Rhino
Bought a truly awful looking choclate and cream croissant. Yuk.

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