Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I bought comics. I went splutterwhat???

The cause of this was Titans\2. What. the. Fuck. I realise that this is not a popular issue but I just thought I'd put my two cents in.
I thought the art was by Michael Turner, apparently it's by Joe Benitez. But don't worry,he's been to the Michael Turner school of art and adapted it by giving the ladeez reeeaallly big foreheads.
I really really wish I could find scans of the offending images. The first page is a tied up pair of boobs. OK so there is a head attached. It's still pornfacey. To my chagrin this didn't register as a problem until the boyfriend pointed it out, i'm so used to seeing these images.
Donna looks like a blow up doll. For some reason Raven goes to Trigon's realm and is naked apart from some strategic blue stripes, (which the dialogue acknowledges, but you know what's better still? giving her the damn cloak back).
My real spluttery moment was on page 11. Starfire is leaning over to talk to Cyborg but in such a way that when I first registered the image I thought she was all on fours looking like she was about to be spit roasted. On a second look she is actually leaning over to talk to Cyborg with her back at a 35 degree angle, to the rest of her back. And bum raised. And mouth in an 'O' of blow job. That's not pornface that porn everything.

I'm not buying this again until they get a decent artist. I shall borrow an Ami phrase *headdesk* (repeat till pass out)

The mutant shark going chomp was rather good though. And Starfire's comment about Donna's hair was pretty cute.

Green Arrow and Black Canary on the other hand was fucking awesome! OK so, I have a giant crush on these two. The cover is fantastic, I love the inside art and Mia and Dinah cooing over English bloke is sharp. And Ollie's moody respsone just made me laugh (in a good way). This is Judd Winick being good (anyone coming here from WFA will probably violently disagree with me on this *ducks and hides*)

Huntress yr 1 \1 was also made of much much win. No cheescake! No T&A! No gratuitous cleavage! No huge boobs (ok maybe one panel, but I'll let that go)! Win win win win WIN. Moody, dark, regal, gorgeous. This is what comics can be, give me more.


Toriach said...

Yeah I'm with you. It's like someone got their bondage porn in my superhero comic or I got my superhero comic in their bondage porn. Either way its not exactly a resses peanut butter cup confection of goodness.

I frankly haven't been this embarrased by a comic since back when DC had Green Lantern Corps Quarterly and they made the mistake of having Jim "Basketball Boobs" Balent do the art. There was an Alan Scott story that looked like soft core bondage porn and I was embarrassed to leave it laying open for people to see.

Saranga said...

Did I mention that I was also embaressed to read this? I'm usually only embaressed because people will think I'm a geek. Not because of the porn.
I'm cancelling my Titans order today, and I usually buy anything Titans related.