Monday, May 05, 2008

DC hearing my prayers?!

That's pretty cool, check out the cheekbones! Link from Shelley's Bookshelf, she has a lot of figures.
I'm getting more and more. At this rate I'll be drowned in toys. I've got my eye on several:
All star Batgirl. Lame comic, great figure. Love the stars.
Batwoman. and the minimates version.
Supergirl. To complement my Linda Danvers figure. Who won't stand up unfortunately.
A decent Black Canary one. Is this real leather??
A good Green Arrow one.
Rose Wilson. Please?
Wonder Woman in full Amazonian battle armour.

And by good I also mean affordable. I can't afford the women of the DC Universe busts. :(

When did this come out??!! And dear god this is awful. Take the man away, please.

Here's a fun photo of some of my toys:

I must get a newer one to show booster, blue beetle, catwoman and Nightwing.

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