Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LSCC prep continues..

So, I have ironed my patch onto my dress.. I am also taking safety pins in case the glue fails...
I tried makeup again today and came up with another style...
I have nearly everything in envelopes and bags.... I just need to buy my train ticket and snacks and sort out lunch on Friday evening..

In terms of getting stuff signed I am bringing -
New 52 Supergirl issue 1 - For Mahmud Asrar
Pre New-52 Supergirl 10 - for Ian Churchill
5 Thundercats issues (from the original 80s run) - for Simon Furman
Daredevil Parts of a Hole and Vision Quest - for David Mack

And I've just realised that Gary Frank who drew part of the first trade of Peter David's Supergirl run will be there, so I'm bringing that book too.  This will be a fabulous Supergirl filled day!

There's tons of people there who I like but I am not going to chase, because I cannot carry everything down that I want.  And I don't want to spend the entire day in queues.  So I'm going for the most important ones.  Although I am still tempted to bring a Bill Sienkiewicz comic down.  Perhaps that Mad Hatter one he did with Landry Walker.  Who did Supergirl Cosmic Adventures. And then there's the Fallen Angel artist, J K Woodward.  And Fallen Angel is a kind of Supergirl.  Also Nick Spencer will be there, and he did one issue of Supergirl.  Perhaps I shall bring that one down too.  Although I expect he won't be best pleased to see it.

I should be going as Kara shouldn't I.


Landry Walker said...

I tracked down Sienkiewicz at ECCC and had him sign a copy of the Mad Hatter book for me. Incredibly nice guy. Working with him and Kieth Giffen has to have been one of the highlights of my comics career. If you do meet him, please give him my regards!

Saranga said...

Will do :)

It never occured to me that comics pros would want signatures from other comics pros..!! I get star struck by all of you.