Sunday, February 03, 2013

Comic reviews for w/c 30th Jan 2013

Reviews coming up for:

Superboy Annual, Superboy 16, Captain Marvel 9, FF 3, Fantastic Four 2, Hawkeye 7 and Wonder Woman 16.  These didn't all come out in the same week but I only got them yesterday.  I also bought some trades - Captain Marvel, Black Panther, pre new-52 Supergirl, Judd Winick Green Arrow and Judd Winick Outsiders.  As much as I enjoyed all of these I won't review them here.  If they need reviewing I'll do so on New readers.
Spoilers ahead.
Superboy 16
This is awful.  The art is nice and it's a treat to see a muscular Diana and Batman in a fur lined cape, but the comic is terrible.  Sample dialogue:
Superboy: No-- No!  That thing is pulling him apart-- Superman is DEAD!
Cyborg - No, Superboy --There's still a chance!  He told me it was a teleporter -- thought where it would have sent him, it's impossible to even guess.

Unneccesary exposition and a terrible, predictable plot.  This comic is rubbish.

Superboy Annual
Also pretty terrible, in part because Superman is gruff and unlikeable.  That's Bruce's job dammit.  I thought I'd dropped Superboy, but I know the comic shop orders 2 months in advance so I'll have to chekc if future issues are cancelled because this is utter rot.

Captain Marvel 9
OK read but I am not interested enough to put it on my pull list.

FF 3
I did put this one on my pull list.  It's fun and lighthearted and the art makes it feel innovative.  However I think I may get bored in about 4 months time.

Fantastic Four 2
I think the comic shop got mixed up and put this in my order instead of FF2.   But it's by Matt Fraction, it runs alongside FF, and it's got Franklin Richards in it who I remember fondly from the 1980s Power Pack series.  So I didn't mind too much.

Hawkeye 7
Also by Fraction.  You'd think I'm obsessed with him.  Brilliant cover, good story, engaging art and it sort of fulfils the Green Arrow shaped hole in my heart.  I'm not sure how long I'll stay interested in this for, but for now It's OK.

Wonder Woman 16 
I really enjoyed this.  Since carrying out a major cull of my DC books I am feeling happier with what is left.  This is good shizzle.  I want to create a picture montage of all the Gods seen so far in this series.

I just realised I'm missing Supergirl  16.  I think the comic shop got rather confused this week.

Now I'm going to go read the Outsiders - Pay as you go.  Here is why I adore this series.

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SallyP said...

I haven't been reading Superboy, and apparently made the wise choice. I hate it when they make Clark obnoxious.

Hawkeye is indeed fabulous, and Wonder Woman isn't bad at all.